Helicopter Charters

Helicopter Charter Service in Lexington

Lexington Helicopter Charters offers Geo Heli Helicopter Services in Lexington, Kentucky. Our Helicopter Charters provide affordable transportation options for business purposes and variety in travel options for those enjoying various venues in the area. Our Corporate Helicopter Charters are the perfect solution for business events, corporate meetings, real estate surveys and more.


Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, Lexington Helicopter Charters is the perfect solution to attend to your transportation needs. As one of the most versatile means of travel, Lexington Helicopter Charters delivers a flexible, fast service that can reduce commuting times and make multiple stops with ease in Lexington, Kentucky.

Corporate Helicopter Charters

For fast, easy and efficient transportation, our corporate helicopter charters are great for all of your business transportation needs. From transporting executives to factories, plants, meetings and subsidiary offices to uncompromising business events, Lexington Helicopter Charters offer exemplary services.

Leisure Helicopter Services

Lexington Helicopter Charters offers a great escape from the stressors of everyday life with first rate services in Lexington, Kentucky. From surveying and inspections to sight-seeing tours, take a break from the demands of everyday life, and experience the thrill of exploring the world from an aerial point of view. After living in one location for several years, the pressure to find a new party theme or idea can place lot of pressure on you to impress your friends with something different. So why not hire a helicopter?

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